The Accuracy of Truth

The Accuracy of Truth

If the truth is rarely black and white, with as many shades of grey as there are perspectives, is it then still the truth? Truth builds the foundation on which we stand, symbolised here by structural stone; wisdom is more valuable than gold-but is it wisdom or shifting sand? The circles show competing targets, but they also form an optical illusion--as the truth or conflicting versions of the truth often do.

Marilyn Monroe is an absolute icon, the most coveted female subject of contemporary art and a tragic figure. But how much of her truth do we actually know? How much power do each of us have in creating our own story, or the story of the world as it continues to unfold around us, represented by the gestural brushwork and layered textures of the background. What do we choose to believe? What do we let others believe about us? The truth will set us free...



160 x 120 x 2 cm

Gesso, stone, oil, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas


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