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Messages from Heaven


No Earthly Power

This series is an exploration of the concept of armour. Specifically, what we choose as armour in a contemporary setting against a backdrop of historical techniques and interpretations. What are the advantages of armour - what is our armour and why do we need it? Each piece in the series exudes power, strength and lightness intended to embolden and fortify.


The pieces in this series vary in technique including a highly secretive, 17th century scagliola marble making technique, in which marble dust, animal glue and pigments are mixed to create the marbling effect. Scagliola is found in most churches and buildings built until the modern age. I am drawn to the technique as an addition to resin (which gives a beautiful high gloss) as I particularly enjoy working with natural materials, as well as the satin-matte finish and feel of real stone. 


These definitions of armour, revisioned with a contemporary perspective and constructed through a historical lens, become art that emboldens with a power not of this world.

Inspired in part by 


Text by Johann Peter Silbert

Music by Franz Peter Schubert 1819

Translated from German to English  

The breath of God blows gently,

and silently, longing awakens;

the intoxicated heart faints

in wonderfully sweet agony.


How it dissolves in the mild air -

the heavy bonds of earthly life!

Sacred tears flow,

alas! for that heavenly land.


How powerfully does the heart lift itself

toward those blue heights!

But alas! why, with such sweet pain,

does it so tenderly faint? -


O sweet bliss!

Mildly, like the dew of heaven,

does God's solemn greeting beckon

from high in the still blue!


And the orphaned heart

hears the quiet call,

and longs to return home

to the Father who created it!

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