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Painting your dreams into reality.

Commissions are tricky. And risky. The collector is investing in a piece of art they haven't yet seen. Moreover, they have ideas of how the piece should be, aspects that are very important to them, that need to be taken into consideration. The great art here for me, aside from the execution of the piece, is to really hear and envision what the collector describes.

Good thing that I am a good listener.

Do You Trust Me?

I am only happy if you are. 

I only sign and sell artwork that I love, and I want my artwork to go to collectors that also love it. If you don't love it, you don't have to keep it. Likewise, I am only happy with a commissioned work if you are, so the same risk-free guarantee applies to commissioned artwork. 

There really is no greater joy for me as an artist than to see my collectors tear up for joy at the unveiling of their new piece. But don't just take my word for it...

photo of artist Adrienne Egger with Andreas Gabalier art collector


What does Austria's biggest rock star and the world's greatest secret agent have in common?

A love for beautiful homes, women in gold and rustic mountain cabins in autumn is certain. I had the honour of creating work for both of these locations. An entertainer through and through, we had good times and great laughs throughout the process.

Dachstein in Gold-web.jpg

Great care was taken for this painting of Andi's favorite mountain peak in autumn to keep the look and feel of the painting rustically antiquated, so as not to create a great contrast of eras in his lovingly restored historic farmhouse.


"Dachstein in Gold", oil on canvas, 60 x 80 cm, 2017 

Gold Fingers, Hair & Toes-web.jpg

This life-size version of the beautiful, iconic gold plating victim in Goldfinger was painted using gold pigments, shimmering and glowing with all kinds of life.


"Gold Fingers & Toes", oil on canvas, 180 x 60 cm, 2017 

Anlässlich einer Vernissage lernte ich Adrienne und einige ihrer Werke im vergangenen Jahr in Mondsee kennen.


Da ich zu dieser Zeit auf der Suche nach 2 großflächigen Objekten für mein Privathaus war, lud ich sie nach einem sehr anregenden Gespräch ein, ihre Ideen vor Ort zu präsentieren.


Adrienne begeisterte bei diesem Besuch durch angenehm ruhige Kreativität und einem hohen Maß an Einfühlungsvermögen, weshalb es nicht vieler Erklärungen meinerseits das Motiv betreffend bedurfte. Es war, als ob Adrienne das Ergebnis mit meinen Augen sehen würde, bevor noch ein Pinselstrich die Leinwand berührt hatte.


Kurze Zeit später hingen die beiden Werke termingerecht am vorbestimmten Platz und ich erfreue mich seither gemeinsam mit meiner Familie und Freunden jeden Tag daran.


Gerne werde ich weitere Arbeiten in Auftrag geben und diese - in jeder Hinsicht - hervorragende Zusammenarbeit fortsetzen.

Angelika-Christina Kohlberger, Austria

This nostalgic nod to film noir & all-time greatest film stars makes for the perfect diptych in this window box, which provides the home cinema of the collector's lake home with natural light.


Angelika had very concrete ideas regarding composition & the color palette, so the conceptual phase was quite precise. Even so, Angelika was overjoyed with the result, saying it was even better than she could have imagined. As though I took her ideas and transformed them into a tangible image.

"Here's Looking At You" , diptych, oil on canvas, 140 x 95 cm each, 2019