I strongly believe that everyone is creative and that to create is to be alive. Like a muscle, though, creativity needs exercise and training to perform well and produce good results.
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“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quote marks has a powerful effect on customers and makes them more likely to trust you.” 


—  Name, Title

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Bettina, a lawyer and amateur painter with 20 years experience, says, "I had a wonderfull day painting with Adrienne and the others. The day was both very relaxing and very challenging. Each of us created a really great piece, and Adrienne did a fantastic job of supporting us throughout. We are all incredibly proud of the beautiful pieces of art we made!"


Maria-Theresa Schinnerl, expert for customer service, knew nothing about painting before taking the course. She wanted to spend the day focussing on something entirely out of the normal for her. She is amazed at what she accomplished in just a day and can't wait to have a colleague join her for the next workshop.


Often the concept of creativity is limited to typical artistic activities such as painting, drawing, dancing, music etc. but there is so much more to creativity.

Creativity can be found in business and every aspect of daily life. In fact, creativity is hailed as the #1 key to success in companies and employees for the 21st century*. The problem is that most people forget that they are creative as they grow up or worse, have learned and been told that they are most definitely not creative because their drawings were not realistic in the first grade. 

I offer workshops both in the making of artwork as well as corporate creativity. Through exercises, theory, and projects, participants remember that tasks and life can be fun. We creative-apostles call this serious fun: finding your flow and having fun while getting real work done. You’ve got to have serious fun—every day and in every task—in order to get the best results and be an inspired, innovative employer/employee.

And now I feel like Mary Poppins.

I have made it a mission to rekindle the 

creative spark

in people and businesses.

Neither boredom nor burnout exist for a person living out their creative potential.

*IBM, global survey of 1,500 CEO's from 60 countries and 33 industries worldwide




What can we learn from the genius of
Mary Poppins?
Serious fun leads to serious results--and fast.

Industry leading companies worldwide (think Amazon, Red Bull, Starbucks and and and ) know why they rank creativity as the #1 key to success in the 21st century, more than rigorous, management discipline, integrity or even vision. 


Leaders must be creative, solving problems in new and useful ways, to stay on top of a rapidly changing global economy. In a super-saturated market place, the key to success lies in the developing and identifying creativity in individuals, then nurturing this creativity in teams until this creative spirit permeates the whole organisation. In this way, the individuals placed in businesses become proactive constructors and ambassadors of company philosophies, values and vision. The individuals in your organisation are your greatest asset, and you can be sure that when they are actively involved,  the results will show it.

Find out more about how to invigorate your team and work environment with a creative jumpstart á la Mary Poppins.

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element of
In every job that must be done,
there is an 
Find this element of fun
and it becomes a game!
Mary Poppins
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Life is found in the here and now. 

So much of our mental capacity is preoccupied with dealing with (or suppressing) the past and worrying about the future that we very often forget to be present in the time being. Have you ever done something, like driving the car, only to realise afterward that you have no recollection of doing it? That you were “completely someplace else” at the time? To be consciously aware of our thoughts and current actions requires a level of stillness and calm that can be difficult to find in today’s world, which competes at all times and at every level for our attention, time, effort and money. At the same time, we have a great deal we would like to accomplish in life. We can't just spend all day meditating and watching ourselves from the outside in. Where's the balance? 

Flow is that happy place where we function with full concentration and power. It is a term psychologists use to refer to a state of total absorption, of being fully engrossed in a task to the point of losing all track of time and everything else around you, of great contentment and personal satisfaction. We are getting stuff done and feeling fantastic, having fully activated a region neuroscientists refer to as the task positive network (TPN). Then we look up and realise the dishes and laundry are completely heaped up, we are an hour late for the rest of the day’s commitments and have entirely forgotten to drink or eat. 


And mindfulness? Mindfulness is a heightened, non-judgmental awareness of your thoughts and emotions. It is living in the moment in a state of active, open, intentional attention to the present. Harvard and just about everyone else will tell you how important mindfulness is for mental and physical health, having scientifically been found to be a key element in stress reduction and overall happiness. Neuroscientists have discovered something Eastern traditions have known for sometime: there is a place in our brain, located between our eyebrows, that is constantly at work and referred to as the default mode network (DMN). Our experiences, perceptions of ourselves and memories run back there amongst a lot of other things. In this hyper-busy world, this state is running unmonitored and at full speed, resulting in stress, poor health and all the other typical negative symptoms we want to avoid.  When left unchecked, our mind tends to wander which results 80% of the time in worrying and ruminating on negative experiences. So, self-awareness is really calming and great, but just as the state of flow can run the danger of becoming a tunnel, we must be careful not to let mindfulness keep us stuck on the sidelines as inactive spectators of our own lives. 


This is where creativity comes back in. Working creatively in a focussed way on a task—such as a day spent painting in this workshop—quiets the busy DMN while activating the TPN.  It helps to unify mindfulness and flow to achieve the sweet spot known as mindflow. Our brain has a yin-yang if you will, of focussed and mind-wandering states. Both states are important, but neither should be overbearing. Practicing a task-oriented state of mindfulness achieves a homeostasis in our brain activity that lets us engage fully in the present without stress and hyper self-criticism while maintaining an awareness of ourselves and environment. 


We will put the theory of mindflow into action in this workshop. Painting and focussing at what we see  with an enhanced sense of awareness brings us fully into the present moment. A guided exercise of the fundamentals of painting including active observation, perspective, setting up a palette, mixing colors, shades and hues, brushwork and composition serves as preparation before embarking on the adventure of bringing your favorite snapshot—a moment to be held forever—to life on the canvas.

The workshop fee includes all material costs. Suitable for all levels of expertise, from beginner to professional, we will paint on canvas using water-soluble oil paints, which provides the long working time of oil combined with a faster drier rate and no toxic fumes. 


We strive for happiness, peace, freedom and joy—but where are they to be found? They are only found in the balanced present tense—in this moment. Right. Now. This very moment, which is your life. I hope you will join me on a journey to the state of mindflow and that you will be able to apply the knowledge and experience gained through this workshop into your daily lifework. 




To prepare for this workshop, please fill out the worksheet which is accessible after registering in the MY WORKSHEETS section of your logged-in, member profile area of this homepage.  The worksheet has a set of questions for you to answer to help with the conceptualisation of your piece. You also have the assignment of finding a snapshot of a moment that moves you in some way. Due to the limited time we have together, we will be painting in an expressionistic & impressionistic style, with large, gestural brushwork. With these steps taken in advance, we are able to maximise the time we have together in front of the easel, for the creation of your work.

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  • a photo of a snapshot that moves you in some way, printed out approx. A5

  • the same photo as a digital file on your smart phone or tablet

  • to have completed the worksheet accessible under MY WORKSHEETS after logging in to your member profile area as preparation for the conceptualisation of your artwork

  • a smock and clothes you don't mind if paint gets onto

  • courage

  • an open and relaxed mind!