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How do you see yourself? What does the very best, most excellent, most free, most confident version of yourself look like?

This workshop is all about self-portraiture. The selfie has become the most common form of self-portrait of our time. Choose your favorite selfie or work from a mirror--either way, let's see the most amazing version of yourself, the version maybe few people ever get to see come to life on the canvas.


A self-portrait is a powerful instrument of self-expression, but also of self-actualisation. If we can dream it, we can become it--so let's dream of the best of ourselves and then allow ourselves to live that version out to its fullest.

In this and all my workshops, you are free to express yourself in your own style. Your portrait can be abstract or figurative, expressionistic, impressionistic, realistic, mixed media incorporating collage elements. It should be based on a photo, that you bring printed out with you to the workshop, as well as having digitally available on a smart phone or tablet. I will assist you in planning, conceptualising and executing your piece. After registering for the workshop, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out that will mark the begin of the conceptualisation and planning phase. This will ensure that our time together in the studio can be spent effectively for the execution and finishing of your artwork. 


Rediscover your beauty, your grace, your astuteness, your humour, your confidence, your kindness, your your own muse and celebrate the amazing creation that is YOU.   


AGE 16+



To prepare for this workshop, please fill out the worksheet which will be sent to after registration has been completed. The worksheet has a set of questions for you to answer to help with the conceptualisation of your piece. You also have the assignment of finding photo of yourself or how you would like yourself to be. With these steps taken in advance, we are able to maximise the time we have together in front of the easel, for the creation of your work. 

ambivalent chip-web.jpg


  • a photo of a yourself or how you would like yourself to be, printed out approx. A5

  • the same photo as a digital file on your smart phone or tablet

  • to have completed the worksheet accessible under MY WORKSHEETS after logging in to your member profile are as preparation for the conceptualisation of your artwork

  • a smock and clothes you don't mind if paint gets onto

  • courage

  • an open and relaxed mind!

  • ein Bild von dir selbst, wie du dich siehst, oder wie du sein möchtest. Ausgedruckt, ca. A5

  • dasselbe Bild als digitale Datei auf deinem Handy oder Tablet

  • den ausgefüllten Fragebogen mit deinem Konzept, den du nach deiner Registrierung für den Workshop zugesendet bekommen hast

  • einen Malerkittel und/oder Kleidung, die dreckig werden darf

  • Mut

  • eine offene und entspannte Einstellung!

"Remarkable, how the students' insight, trust, confidence, skill and creativity grew in one day. Each student left aglow with a deeper connection to art, themselves and their classmates.  I have never seen anything like it."



"Es war für mich ein ganz besonderer Tag. Nicht nur, dass ich in meinem Leben noch nie gemalt habe, es hat mir einfach riesig Spaß gemacht.  Es war zwar eine Herausforderung für mich aber mit Adriennes Hilfe wurde es ein mega schönes Bild – meine Familie war ganz begeistert. Ich werde auf jeden Fall wieder kommen!"


workshop gift certificates.jpg

Workshop Gift Certificates

The 1-day workshops are the perfect gift for just about anyone and any occasion. For loved ones, friends, colleagues, for Christmas, birthday, anniversaries, retirement, a special date.... and even better when booked as a unique experience to be enjoyed together!

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