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Dynamic Woman: groundbreaking past, present and future.

Dreams want nothing to do with boundaries
defining what can and cannot be done. 

No one knows this better than revolutionary women who have been breaking down gender stereotypes since hundreds of years. It is to these women that this collection is dedicated: groundbreaking female pioneers and role models.


These pieces tell tales of visions, equality, solidarity; of the past, present and future. Presented by the Wiener Linien (Vienna’s public transportation company) this exhibition is the first special exhibition to be held in the historic halls of the Remise Transportation Museum where the trolleys and stories of Vienna's public transportation system are on display for public viewing. 


All artwork was made specifically for this location and theme, which was presented to me as "women & mobility".  Having a unique perspective from being American and having lived in Austria for over 20 years, it was clear to me that the city, history, and cultural legacy of Vienna were to be a source of inspiration. The Wiener Linien, being the first transp