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Dynamic Woman: groundbreaking past, present and future.

Dreams want nothing to do with boundaries
defining what can and cannot be done. 

No one knows this better than revolutionary women who have been breaking down gender stereotypes since hundreds of years. It is to these women that this collection is dedicated: groundbreaking female pioneers and role models.


These pieces tell tales of visions, equality, solidarity; of the past, present and future. Presented by the Wiener Linien (Vienna’s public transportation company) this exhibition is the first special exhibition to be held in the historic halls of the Remise Transportation Museum where the trolleys and stories of Vienna's public transportation system are on display for public viewing. 


All artwork was made specifically for this location and theme, which was presented to me as "women & mobility".  Having a unique perspective from being American and having lived in Austria for over 20 years, it was clear to me that the city, history, and cultural legacy of Vienna were to be a source of inspiration. The Wiener Linien, being the first transportation company in the world with 3 women directors at the helm and an arsenal of innovative green mobility solutions underway, also inspired three pieces to whom they are dedicated.  

Running for two weeks in April 2022, the exhibition became a setting numerous events including a pre-opening with the Wiener Linien's women's network hosted by Director Alexandra Reinagl, the stakeholder's opening with the directors, a start-up brunch with the network INNO, an Ernst & Young networking event with podium discussion, and a charity closing party with concert from local talent Rahel. In addition, the Wiener Linien hosted events for fans including an evening tour of the museum, dinner for two in the exhibition and a spot at an easel for one of my BE YOUR OWN MUSE painting workshops held in at the exhibition for 8 lucky winners. 


the Artwork

The making-of & the true stories
of the women who inspired them. 
Original oil painting b”y Adrienne Egger “Freies Wien" (Free Vienna) with gold and silver created for the FEMMOBILITY exhibition


Oil, gold and silver on canvas

150 x 150 cm 

Women role models have always been revolutionary. Women who change the world they live in, striving for improvements in areas otherwise overlooked. Maria Theresia was such a woman. An Austrian empress, she was meant to be a figurehead for lack of a male heir. She did not agree with this arrangement, however, actively ruling her empire for 40 years and instating innumerable reforms while bearing 16 children.


It took courage and resolution to address the issues of her time. The issues may be different today, but we need no less courage to solve them. Women need to be championing these issues — we need role models and revolutionaries today just as much as ever. We need women who will follow their dreams regardless of the difficulties along the way.


The Wiener Linien, with a world record of 3 women directors, is doing its part to face tomorrow’s challenges today. The environmentally friendly Greener Linien is a clear path to a greener city, free of carbon dependencies and offering tailored mobility solutions to fit each person’s needs. With a shared vision for a greener, hopeful, unified future, it is a vision that includes everyone and in which everyone can turn a dream into reality. It is a vision of tomorrow that is rooted in the past and has already begun today.

Freies Wien

This piece is based on a photo of one of the first women trolley drivers and video stills from the Wiener Linien archives. The past, present and future (represented by the crane) are shown, the women using a typical hand gesture in Austria.  A map of Vienna and a depiction of future subway stops are depicted in a style honoring the legacy of Klimt. Painted with oil, gold and silver on canvas.

Where will the future find us? One thing we know for sure: women and the dynamic they bring, especially to male-dominated fields, will play a big part in it. There has been considerable research put into mobility and the way women and men use transportation. The results are in, and women simply have different needs, agendas, and solutions to problems, the way in which they use transportation being just one example. Research also shows that male-dominated planning, which is worldwide nearly exclusively the case, does not take these needs into consideration. Including female agendas and solutions will bring us far in creating a culture that meets the needs of people as a whole, unifying us and keeping us together. Looking forward, there is a great need for more women in technical fields, particularly those leading towards crisis management and greener living. The Vienna Transportation Company works hard to provide an inclusive user experience (#diestadtgehoertdir) as well as work environment, where everyone can find their place, regardless of gender. These issues are all addressed in this piece, which is painted in oil and spray paint with silver and gold on canvas. Part of the Wiener Linien Art Collection. 


Based on photographic images by Lukas Maier. 


Oil, spray paint and silver on canvas

95 x 140 cm