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Cosmo Cherry Bomb?

Hotspot, Jet-Set, Big-City-Nature-Girl.

At home in the world. 


Inimitable, confident, sexy.

At home in her skin.


Cosmo Cherry Bomb knows who she is

and where she is going. And she does it

with ease.


Created by artist Adrienne Egger, each

piece in this collection of handbags is a

unique piece of art, hand-painted on

artisanal, vegetable-dyed Venetian leather,

sewn by hand in a multi-generational family



As individual as you are. 


Handbag Creations

As unpredictable as life itself, no two bags are alike. 

These bags celebrate a return to old-world charm and an old-world pace, when faith was placed on the artists and artisans producing the work that the resulting pieces will be incredible.  Due to the availability of leathers and the capacity of the artisans, the bags themselves have a highly limited production. 

After being sourced by hand, Adrienne Egger transforms each handbag into an individual piece of art, designing images specifically evoking the unique qualities of each bag and its purpose for its wearer. 


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