Sing, Yodler-Bua!

Sing, Yodler-Bua!

"The hills are alive, with the sound of music" in this homage to the perfect, happy life on the alm surrounded by the typical groomed green pastures of the Austrian Alps.


"Everything used to be so much better..." How much of the past is romanticized; how much was ever true?  What present day images will evoke similar responses in the future?  Cultural nostalgia is the central theme being examined in this series. 


The paintings in the series depict film scenes from the post WWII “heimat” film genre of Austria, Bavaria and Switzerland in which nothing bad ever happened and everyone could sing.  These paintings are fiction.  They show us memories of things that never happened, yet they mirror our culture, our lives and our values.  The scene is being shown from a laptop, reflecting the present day setting and creating distance to remind us that the image is a nostalgic memory, all the while exuding a contemporary pop art coolness.



    Oil on canvas

    120 x 150 x 2 cm  


    Signature on front with certificate of authenticity

    Ready to hang, unframed

€ 2.700,00Price