Reconciable Differences

Reconciable Differences

This piece was created for a group exhibition in London of 45 selected international artists, each freely answering the question "what is the point?"

Reconciable Differences:

We are just too different. City bombed, marriage annulled, law passed, verdict decreed, a tone of resignation, an admission of defeat. Eyes averted—look the other way.

What did we ever see in each other? How could I have loved you? It was so easy when we were young; innocence and naivety only see the good. When did we start to fear each other / hurt each other / stop being friends? You, who are so very different from me. You just don’t understand.  

Back up, pare down, get to the root.  

Do I understand? I am so very good at this / at that / with them. The mirror you hold shows me more than I want to see—I did the best I could—nobody’s perfect! I don’t need you. Can I love myself for that? How can you still love me? 


Two are better than one. There is never a breakthrough if nothing is ever broken. Away with the old—there is freedom in growth! You can be strong where I am weak and I will comfort you and be your home. That is the whole point of it all, isn’t it? Learning to love and to trust. Reconciable differences.


    Oil on canvas

    80 x 100 x 2 cm


    Signature on front with certificate of authenticity

    Ready to hang, unframed

€ 2.190,00Price