Editions: Kill Your Fear N°1

Editions: Kill Your Fear N°1


With a contemporary pop feel, this series incorporates an innovative combination of metal leaf (copper, gold and silver), rust and oxidation processes and oil painting.  The resulting image (based on a film scene from the 60's) has James Bond-esque, vintage chic edginess and provocatively challenges those who dare to look closer. For once the title is taken into consideration, a profound message is revealed, glimmering like gold behind the falling masks in the images.


The artwork in this series requires detailed and complex planning to create, as the oil painting happens in the final phase, the gilding in the first and the oxidation between. There is a careful balance between control and manipulation of the natural oxidation processes in order to maintain the desired figurative depiction and allowing nature to have freedom to do wild and beautiful and surprising things.


These original mixed media paintings take on a life of their own, moving and changing throughout the day with each varying source of light. Although each piece stands on its own, they are most powerful as a triptych where the repetition amplifies intensity and calls attention to the nuances of metals, colors and expression.


    Oil, patina and copper leaf on canvas

    120 x 120 x 2 cm  |  2019

    Signature on front with certificate of authenticity

    Ready to hang, unframed 

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